Mitraillettes à Paris

Confort ou menace ?

Les visiteurs à Paris remarquent la présence banale des soldats dans les rues de la capitale.

En voilà quelques exemples...


sat for a bit in the Place getting some very expensive sparkling Perrier -- I

think it was 6 E -- watching three military men with machine guns circling the

pyramid, which, not to be too jaded, definitely looked better in The De

Vinci Code –  "

Reader comment: "glad you noticed the machine guns. I live near the Louvres and go

through it all the time. I find the machine guns are an affront,

Parisians are also abhored, but how to stop them?"

12 July 2008

"We walked past the

Louvre and the glass pyramid entrance and avoided the 17-year old

looking guards with massive machine guns wandering around the building."  Sophie and Ollie's travels, February 2008

"There was some kind of scare the day we were there because the army was

patrolling the Louvre with machine guns!" England Job Exchange blog, Feb 2007

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