Scottish independence: Why not?

Am surprised no mention of Ireland in your article, and the Scots could surely cite that example a bit more forcefully rather than Denmark or Iceland. I wonder why they don't and why you don't. Whatever: Whether independent or not, Scotland and England will continue to get on well; Scotland could flourish under either scenario.

But while you say the Scots have laid down a challenge, that voting No cannot be a vote against change, you know very well that the appetite for real change could recede in London after a No, and that the sense of anti-climax (and betrayal) will be enormous if that happens. The certainty of real change by voting Yes is therefore a rational option. It would be in their hands! Building a new nation is exciting and challenging, if risky. But it can work. Everyone loves the Scots: The French, the Italians, the Germans, the Irish, the English...better together as independent nations. Yes sounds positive to me.

Comment to the Guardian, "Scottish independence", 13 Sept 2014

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