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Separation of state and banks

Time to avert a metastasis

David, good point on RTE radio this week 3 December 2010 re-IMF tying Irish state to the banks and it becoming a question of citizens v banks. Question: isn't that how financial capital was predicted to develop 100 years ago, and wasn't it also seen as its eventual demise?

People in France talk about contagion: the word contagion sounds like Ireland is ill and will pass on the disease. Wrong word obviously. It's more like a global financial cancer, with a lump showing in Ireland, active cell activity in other countries, and metastasis, not contagion, already likely under way. Unless as you say the banks are separated from the state.

Like 100 years ago, the battle was to draw lines between Church and State. Now it's between Banks and State. Citizens in constant pursuit of that room to breathe.

Your mate in Paris, RJ Doyle

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