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De-stress tip: Online radio enligne

Le jazz sur Internet pour un langage sans frontières

Music radio online is a lifesaver. No need for all that MP3 hassle, just point and click. Right now in the background DR Jazz is playing away. You can listen via Microsoft Media Player's pre-selected jazz stations. This Danish-based station plays everything all day, from cool to rag, with just little a chat from time to time, all in a low, mumbling Danish. No ads. Worth a go. Today, two pieces below caught my attention.

Good listening today Friday 12 Nov on DR JAZZ

The Brazilian girl seemed to be singing a samba version of Smoke on the Water...unless Deep Purple sang a rock'n'roll version of her song. Anybody know which?

13.00 Rosalia De Souza: Maria Moita

14.05 Jan Johansson: Brudmarsch efter larsh”ga jonke (nice, lyrical piano, a mix between Bill Evans and Schumann).

Complete playlist available at DR JAZZ.

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